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Our boutique firm is located on the beautiful Main Street in Miami Lakes. The lawyers are native residents. They have been practicing law in Miami-Dade and Broward counties since 1995. The primary focus of their practice is all matters under the umbrellas of Real Estate Law and Family Law. They also work in other areas of the law as better detailed in the areas of practice section.

Throughout the years the lawyers have enjoyed the opportunity to represent not only residents from Miami-Dade and Broward counties, but clients from many other counties in Florida as well as different states and countries. Often times legal representation is needed in an interstate or foreign country wherein the Florida courts and its laws are involved, the lawyers have experience in these situations as well. The attorneys are grateful for the opportunities and experience that clients have trusted the attorneys with. As a result that has lead the firm to have gained a great deal of insight and sensitivity to the language and cultural uniqueness that we all experience. The lawyers and office staff are bilingual; fluent in English and Spanish.

The Real Estate Law practice encompasses all aspects of both commercial and residential real estate. Representations have included real estate values of a few thousand dollars to multimillion dollar deals and have varied from vacant land, subject to rezoning and platting, some involving commercial multi unit structures such as shopping centers and warehouses to single family homes and condominium units throughout the State of Florida. The attorneys often are drafting and or negotiating contracts and agreements for purchase and sale or at times letter of intents are preferred. This is done for both residential and commercial properties throughout Florida.

As title agents of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, the lawyers offer a wide range of Title Insurance Services including but not limited to examinations of title, title opinions, title insurance commitments and title insurance policies for both owners and mortgagees or investors.

Since the changes in both the residential and commercial real estate markets and our countries change in economy, the attorneys have also been assisting clients with saving their homes and assisting them with foreclosures and loan modifications. The attorneys have very often been able to step in and protect the rights of property owners and stopping the process of foreclosure. As a result throughout this process the attorneys evaluate and decide if a loan modification, short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure may be a better option.

However, as a property owner, you do not have to wait to be served with foreclosure lawsuits to begin the loan modification process or negotiations in your best interest. In fact the lawyers have been able to negotiate with accounts that were current and get the banks to even lower the principle amount owed, in some loan modifications.

The Family Law practice is more than just divorces and paternity actions. Family law encompasses many particular issues which vary from simple to complex, involving children with issues including custody, visitation, child support, shared parental responsibility, sole parental responsibility, time sharing plans, parenting plans, equitable distribution and division of marital assets and debts, alimony / spousal support, paternity actions, prenup and postnup agreements and more. Divorce and paternity cases and other family law issues are very often complex and involve very sensitive matters. The attorneys have a wealth of experience in handling these delicate divorce and paternity proceedings and are here to help you achieve a resolution to your family law issues. An emergent area of family law is gay and lesbian adoptions, same sex or 2nd (second) parent adoptions. A landmark case was ruled on by the courts in 2010 which set in motion the ability to obtain these gay and lesbian adoptions in Florida. This change currently allows gays and lesbians to adopt in the State of Florida. The lawyers have been successful in these cases and are on the forefront of these issues focusing on helping gay and lesbian families with their adoptions.

The attorneys also assist in the creation of Florida Business Entities such as corporations, S-Corps, LLCs and partnerships as well as the purchase and sale of businesses.

The attorneys also assist in Estate Planning matters including Last Wills and Testaments, Living Trusts, Advance Directives, Deeds, Probate Law, and Legal Guardianships.

Further information on our attorneys experience and credentials can be found on our Attorney’s Profile section.

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