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If you or someone close to you is going through a divorce, chances are the division of property is going to be a serious issue. Each year, at least 40% of all marriages end in divorce, often with one party being surprised to find themselves in the middle of divorce proceedings. If you or a loved one is going through a divorce, it is crucial to speak to a qualified Miami equitable division of property attorney at your first opportunity. If you are going through a divorce, you deserve to leave your marriage with your fair share of mutually owned property. You also deserve to leave your marriage with your own property that was not acquired during the marriage or possibly property you inherited during the marriage.

Have you recently filed for divorce in Miami, Florida? In many situations, you will find yourself in a heated dispute with your soon to be former spouse over property and assets whether owned jointly or individually. You may find yourself worrying about how you will pay for basic living expenses or support yourself and your children. There is no need to face these worries alone. The Miami, Florida equitable division of property lawyers at Costa and Associates have more than 23 years of experience handling Florida property division cases. Contact our Miami office today to learn how we can help you.

Miami Equitable Division of Property Problems

In Miami, South Florida when a couple files for divorce, their assets must be divided in an equitable manner. However, equitable does not always mean equal. The parties getting a divorce must agree to a “fair” distribution, and that often leads to problems.

A couple that is in the middle of a difficult divorce often has different ideas regarding what is considered fair. In most cases, each side believes that the requests of the other spouse are unfair or unreasonable, prolonging negotiations. Until both sides, or the judge hearing the case, can come to a decision, the divorce cannot be finalized.

Unfortunately, it is not unusual for one spouse to attempt every trick he or she can think of to keep the other spouse from receiving their fair share of marital assets. A spouse may even try to reduce a parent’s access to the children in an effort to force the other parent to agree to potentially unfair asset divisions. The longer the marriage lasted, the more complicated things can become, especially if the couple has shared significant sums of money or assets. Attempting to navigate the situation yourself without the assistance of a Miami equitable division of property attorney could cause you to make major mistakes that deprive you of assets to which you are entitled.

Speak to a Miami Florida Equitable Division of Property Lawyer

In Florida, determining a fair division of property during a divorce is never as simple as it may initially appear. No matter how amicable your divorce may seem to be, never begin negotiations without an experienced Miami equitable division of property attorney from Costa and Associates by your side. Our team of dedicated lawyers is here to give you the legal advice you need to make decisions that undoubtedly will impact your future. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation so that we can begin providing you with the help you need.

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