Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines was incorporated in 1960, the name Pembroke comes from its location along Pembroke Road and the name Pines comes from the many pines trees in the area.

The town started as a farming community, most were dairy farms. The city experienced rapid population growth in the 1990s as well. The area boomed as result of people relocating from Homestead after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Thousands of Miami-Dade County residents moved northward to Broward County, many to Pembroke Pines. The resulting population explosion, lead to the city being one of the three “Fastest Growing Cities" in the United States in 1999. As of the 2010 census numbers, the city’s population had grown to a population of 154,750, making it the second most populous city in Broward County, and the tenth most populous in Florida.

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  1. Take I-75 south towards Miami-Dade
  2. Take the FL-826 Palmetto express way South
  3. Immediately exit at the 154th Street Miami Lakes Dr exit
  4. Keep right at the fork to continue toward Miami Lakes Dr E
  5. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Miami Lakes Dr E and merge onto Miami Lakes Dr E
  6. Turn left onto Miami Lakeway N
  7. Turn right onto Main St
  8. Destination will be on your right inside the Graham companies building 6843 Main St, Miami Lakes, FL 33014‎ found down the walkway between Snow’s Jewelers & Thai Café right across from Shula’s Hotel.
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