Practice Areas

  • Real Estate Law
    1. Foreclosure Defense
      1. Loan Modifications
      2. Short Sale Proceedings
    2. Commonly Overlooked Florida Standardized Real Estate Contract Changes
    3. The Benefits of Choosing a Real Estate Attorney Instead of a Title Company

  • Family Law
    1. Alimony or Spousal Support Enforcement and Modifications
    2. Complex matters between same sex couples, gay and lesbian, LGBT partnerships
      1. LGBT Adoption
    3. Dissolution of Marriages / Divorces Whether Simple or Complex
      1. Contested, Fully litigated if necessary
      2. Uncontested, Finalized by agreement
        1. Marital Settlement Agreement, negotiated and settled between the parties
          1. Before even filing for the divorce / dissolution of marriage
          2. During the litigation process
            1. Some with the assistance of a mediator
            2. Some without the assistance of a mediator
    4. Paternity Actions / Parents with children but not legally married
    5. Child Support Enforcement and Modifications
      1. Some involving the State of Florida Child Support Enforcement Department
      2. Some involving Income Deduction Orders
      3. Some involving changes of income or time sharing or custody and parenting plan
      4. Some involving intercepting IRS refunds, recovering assets with value, suspending driver's licenses, suspending professional licenses or even incarceration if necessary to obtain compliance and enforcement including Writs of Bodily Attachments
    6. Child Custody or Visitation Enforcement and Modification
      1. Some involving parenting plans
      2. Some involving time sharing plans
      3. Some involving relocation of a parent
      4. Share parental responsibility versus Sole parental responsibility
    7. Matters involving the Department of Children and Families / DCF
    8. Equitable Distribution, Division of Assets and Liabilities
    9. Marital versus Non-Marital and Pre-Marital Assets and Liabilities / Debts
    10. Legal separation issues
    11. Termination of Parental Rights
    12. Matters involving or requiring psychological evaluations
    13. Matters involving the need for a child's best friend, Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)
    14. Restraining Orders
    15. Dissolving or resolving complex matters between short term or long term same sex relationships, LGBT issues
    16. Pre-Marital and Post Marital Agreements (prenuptial or ante nuptial, post nuptial agreements)
    17. Matters of Voluntary and Involuntary changes in employment, underemployed and unemployed issues
    18. Vocational Rehabilitation Examinations
    19. Matters involving health insurance or life insurance coverage and requirements
    20. Matters involving Florida Prepaid College Fund, college savings plan, 529 plan
    21. Name Changes

  • Evictions / Landlord & Tenant Law
    1. Residential tenancies for either the landlord or tenant
    2. Commercial tenancies for either the landlord or tenant
    3. Complex written leases and contracts
    4. Verbal leases and tenants / month to month tenants
    5. Drafting and Preparing leases and personal guaranty(s)
    6. Enforcing leases
    7. Notices for nonpayment, unpaid, failure to pay rent / 3 day notices
    8. Notices for non compliance with terms or regulations / 7 and 15 day notices
    9. Notices to return possession / Notices of termination of tenants
    10. Filing for possession / eviction and for recovering unpaid rent and damages
    11. Obtaining possession in compliance with the Florida Law / Writ of Possession
    12. Obtaining court awards for attorney fees and costs
    13. Claiming security deposits

  • Probate Law
  • Last Will and Testaments and Revocable Living Trusts
  • Advance Directives / Power of Attorneys, Durable Power of Attorneys, Living Wills, Health Care Surrogate Designations
  • Guardianships
  • Asset Purchase and Sale Transaction such as businesses
  • Formation and maintenance of Florida Legal Business Entities such as corporations (In, Corp.), limited liability companies (LLC) and professional associations (PA).
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